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puddle jumper's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
puddle jumper

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[072608 | 08:39pm]
why is it when you have long hair you want short hair, and when you have short hair you hate yourself for cutting it? i had long'ish hair throughout most of middle school and high school. right before senior year i cut it short and it has been until about a year ago when i decided to grow it out. it is now the length that i have been waiting for... and i find it annoying. and i see too many cute short hair styles. why am i never satisfied? i guess this comes with being a girl. humph.

so i think i've decided when i go home this tuesday i'm going to chop it off, katie holmes bob style.

i'm going to have to have longer, side-swept bangs though because of my intense eyebrows, which is fine by me because i can't stand something flopping on my forehead all day anyway.


here is a doodle of what i would look like with short hair. my face isn't too round for it, is it? i think it would make me look older, which would be nice considering when i told a few women at work i just graduated they asked from what high school...

check out that fabulous sun burn too! that's what i get for never going to the beach and forgetting to apply sunscreen again after going in the water. oucccch!
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[072208 | 06:06pm]
apparently it isn't only in movies that a girl gets stuck in the middle of a bad rain storm wearing a white dress, because on sunday that girl was me. if you live in the boston area, or in new england for that matter, you probably noticed the torrential rain this day. well my roommate and i ventured down to the south shore to check out the SoWa open market. it wasn't as amazing as i thought it was going to be, but i won't hold it against them because it is an outdoor event and an overcast day. i'll have to go check it out another time. anyway, so we decided to walk from the south end to Macy's (at Downtown Crossing). barely into our stroll it starts to rain, and thunder and lightning. awesomeee. luckily ashley has an umbrella, but if you've ever tried sharing an umbrella with someone you know how unsuccessful it is. by the time we reached Macy's i was drenched head to toe and my cute white dress (and white undergarments) were very see through. i looked like a wet, naked mouse. despite the embarrassment, i left with a whole new outfit. jeans, shirt, underwear, bra, belt. i only intended on buying a pair of jeans so i was pretty happy to have an excuse/reason to get more clothes.

afterwards i went and saw The Dark Knight. i'd have to say it wasn't as amazing as i thought it was going to be, especially because of the hype. it was definitely still really good though, i don't want to discourage you from seeing it at all, but i wasn't completely, mind-blown away by it. heath ledger most definitely stole the show. his portrayal of the character was pheeeenomenal. the only thing i wish were different would be to have katie holmes back instead of... whats-her-name. this might be just because i imagine the character as katie holmes, or because whats-her-name isn't cute at all, but that part was a bit off for me. whats-her-name still did a very good job and i know she would have out-performed katie. in the end i guess it was the better choice. katie has suri though, so she wins anyway. take that, whats-her-name.

oh, and i have pictures from the torrential rain day, but i haven't finished the roll yet. soon though!

hope you guys had a good weekend!
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[071708 | 10:31am]
so yesterday was pretty fun. brian and i went to the museum of science, where i haven't been since i was about twelve. he has a friend from work that also works there and got us in for free, got our parking ticket validated so we wouldn't have to pay for that either, and she also let us see her dissect a sheep's heart and lung. yeah, we got hooked up. i was a bit queezy for the dissection part. you should of saw me in high school dissecting a cat in anatomy class. luckily it was in groups of three and my partners were all for it. we named the cat princess ursula (the ursula was my doing, i figure it needed a creepy name because this black cat with wet, matted fur was definitely creepy... but they wanted a pretty name, and princess ursula was born!)

after the museum though we walked into boston and had lunch at a cute pub. he really wanted a beer. but it was nice to sit outside, eat our meals, and chat. we then had to rush back to my side of town because i was viewing an apartment for september. let's just say the place was nothing really worth talking about. the only cool thing was that i had my own bathroom with a claw foot tub. i don't really like taking baths, i'd like to think maybe i would start, but if that place was mine i would fill it with pillows and read in it. on the walk back to my apartment we did run into the big, orange kitty that lives a few houses down from me. yay kitties!

on a more random note, i've been thinking of getting a tattoo lately. i'm not sure how that would actually go considering that it took over a half an hour to let them pierce my nose and i freak out every time i have to get my blood drawn. maybe if i really want it i'll let them stick me a million times? yeah, probably not. but i know what i want! i love trees and branches and everything they represent (life, growth, blah blah). in the book "the house on mango street" by sandra cisneros there is a chapter that could better explain to you why i love trees. here you go:

"They are the only ones who understand me. I am the only one who understands them. Four skinny trees with skinny necks and pointy elbows like mine. Four who do not belong here but are here. Four raggedy excuses planted by the city. From our room we can hear them, but Nenny just sleeps and doesn't appreciate these things.

Their strength is secret. They send ferocious roots beneath the ground. They grow up and they grow down and grab the earth between their hairy toes and bite the sky with violent teeth and never quit their anger. This is how they keep.
Let one forget his reason for being, they'd all droop like tulips in a glass, each with their arms around the other. Keep, keep, kepp, trees say when I sleep. They teach.

When I am too sad and too skinny to keep keeping, when I am a tiny thing against so many bricks, then it is I look at trees. When there is nothing left to look at on this street. Four who grew to despise concrete. Four who reach and do not forget to reach. Four whose only reason is to be and be."

and the title of the chapter is "four skinny trees" so i was thinking of getting, wait for it... four skinny trees on my forearm. cute, huh? there is also an image of a tree i found online about five years ago that i've always hung on to as an idea for a tattoo.

the only problem is i don't think they would be able to recreate the leaves getting smaller. i have a feeling they would just bleed together and i'd be stuck with an ink blot tattoo. nothing like a little rorschach test on your arm, right?
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[071508 | 06:59pm]

i wish i could say that i just recently took these, but they're actually some experiments from my thesis project this past spring. i was so sad when i couldn't fit them in somehow (and i really tried). i always try to tie photography into my design but it just never works out. mega bummer. it's funny though because i envision most projects photographically. i really wish i had film for my holga and that my vintage 35mm canon didn't break on me because i would love to show you cool photographs of my boston life! i mean, i do have a digital camera... but it just isn't the same... :(

i do get a paycheck on friday however... :)

and incase you're interested/really bored, Read more...Collapse )
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[070608 | 10:13am]
helllllloo! it's been a long time, huh? i think i'm going to start using livejournal regularly again to post photos, drawings, and little tidbits of my life. a lot has gone on since i last updated you all, but the most exciting things that have happened since were graduating from college and moving to boston. i got a job at "the container store" which is pretty cool. if you haven't heard/been there before definitely check it out. it's probably the coolest store ever (besides IKEA, of course). and i'm starting grad school at suffolk in the fall for interior design. everything is starting to fall in place... other than the fact that i have to move again at the end of the summer because my living situation now is only temporary.

and to start the posting of artwork... for brian's birthday i created a poster for his band (because i'm poor and didn't have a paycheck yet to get him something cool). so here it is:

i'm not completely happy with it yet. i plan on looping together all the text at the bottom. brian is the sexy guy on the right, <3

it's been sooo long though, tell me what crazy things you've been up to!
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[021706 | 06:17pm]

you belong somewhere you feel free.

( + )
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[072405 | 11:08pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

crazy polaroid fun with the sister
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[072305 | 11:20pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He thinks he's pretty sexy.

...some more
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[060805 | 11:21pm]

a few more

Because my scanner sucks the pictures look a bit grey.
I was too lazy to fix them all up in photoshop,
so use your imagination :)

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[050204 | 10:52am]
My Photography
Nothing fantastic, just for fun :)

Photo Album 1 & Photo Album 2 & Photo Album 3 & Photo Album 4

photo album number four is the most recent, gangsta
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